Conversation with myself

Another self portrait. If you ever have question, look at yourself in the mirror and you will get all the answers.



Vector Orchid


I love orchids. I used to get them as a present from a very special person…but why should I wait for a present? So, I decided to bought it by myself. I just saw the perfect one, but on of the flowers has gone while I was driving home. Shame on me 😦


The strangest post you ever seen

2015 brought me a lot of bad moments. Couple of days left and there are more bad things coming. I have been hurt so many times. My reaction was to just give up on everything and everyone, never touch the notepad again and stop writing….but you know what?

I ain’t gonna stop, I m just gonna look at this situation from another point of view. Everyone left? I never understood how people can just forget each other so quickly…

Wait, that’s actually really good because you know who is your friend when you are in trouble. Atm I am by myself. Well, at least I don’t have pink glasses on me. I truly know who is who.

I will do opposite, I will draw as much as I can. I ll train harder than ever. Even the weather is crap, I’m gonna go for a run tomorrow.

I believe all these bad moments makes you stronger, makes you unique person. I don’t care. If I meant to be alone for a couple of years,  I m just gonna start enjoying it instead of crying/panicking/ blaming myself for being awful person.

If no one believes in me, I will be the one and only one !

2015 conclusion?

christmasOr it is too early?

I’ve got half of my NY resolutions sorted for 2015, so, next half is going to my 2016 resolutions.It’s okay, I will work harder than this year. And I don’t know why, but I didn’t include fitness goal, which is a shame. Although,now I can see why…probably because I don’t think fitness routine is a resolution for me…maybe because gym is my second home? I miss DW like crazy, I even had a dream last night that I am doing killing workout using stairs machine that makes me feeling dead anytime I use it…


Current workout routine

Sundays are leg days which are very hard for me. I wanted to write this post for a long time, but I was desperate to try this new workout  first and see whether I have any results. I do believe that every person has to experiment with the workouts and see which one works best for them. Be aware that some exercises might not work well with you body type (everything is quite unique). Experiment and see what works best for you.

To be honest,  I work on full power every time I go there.  Just because I usually train with guys I’m not get used to say ” I’m tired,  this is too heavy for me, or I can’t do one more set”.  I remember doing 180kg leg press, with my friends standing on each side saying I can do more. Since that time, I don’t stop and don’t have any excuses.

Anyway, getting back to topic. First of all, I give 70% of my attention to legs just because I want them to be polished and toned.  Guilty ! Last year I overtrained my quards making my legs looking massive (taking into the account the fact that they were already big)…so…my mistake. This year, I’m making them slimmer.  So, no leg press for me and squats with 60kg. I’m going with  easy weights.

I start my workout with 5 minutes of cardio then I do a short superset: I train each leg separately. First of all, I do front lunges and back lunges  with 10kg on right leg only then I move straight to cable machine and do kickbacks (usually 30-40 kg) on right leg as well. Then, I do the same with the other leg. I usually do this till I’m willing to die, after that I do one more set 🙂

Next is deadlift and goodmorning exercise (till I drop again). Then, I do hyperextension. I hate it because in this gym it is absolutely uncomfortable.  Last exercise is kickback in Smith machine.  I am doing stretches to cool down (20-25 min). I don’t do any leg extensions just because I don’t believe in that machine yet. Although, it will be my next challenge.

I have been doing this for three weeks now and I can see that my legs getting slimmer and now my quads aren’t that massive like they used to be. I will carry on and see the final result.