Inner piece

I have no idea how it’s called. Whatever. The most important thing to have it. To stay calm in any situation. I had so much trouble with self-control…like a volcano. You never know what’s gonna happen next. Although, I realized I just wanna stay calm. Tried a lot of things. Neither of them worked. Everything and everyone distracted me a lot. I tried to read Iyengar couple of times. Such an amazing book but it’s not gonna help you if you already stressed. The secret is to found inner piece by changing the way you looking at the situation. Sandra taught me to zoom out you problems. Well, they are important..for you ? But what about you town, country, world?  I guess its just family problems, endless relationship problems, troubles of work…I can carry on describing all the possible problems till this blog ends.

It’s important to have a cold mind. Sometimes, it’s good to shake up, lose control, scout, scream…but not all the time.  You don’t wanna be a volcano. It makes people feel uncomfortable around you. Sooner or later everyone is just tired.

I was tired of being a volcano. This state of mind just takes so much energy. I think I just don’t have any power for the emotions because of the killing workout anyway. I tried to experiment and went to the cardio section. It’s soooo boring…omg. I could only stay there for 15 min and went back to my usual weighting section which feels like home. I guess iI am obsessed with it. Hell knows. When I thought I can’t do anymore, I remembered people who I don’t like and did one more set. Such a motivation ! I guess I need to thank them for that.


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