My imagination is killing me

Seriously, when someone tells me not all, my imagination start playing funny games with me, hilarious pictures filfilling my head and the final piece makes me worrying. Oh gosh. I better start asking more questions I guess. 


One more song

Omg, I wrote one more song, things start getting serious. Never know its gonna happen. In music school I coundn’t even write a music which my teacher played. Now I just sat down, took a piece of paper, wrote what I felt and here we go. Started with few choirds, then wrote a solo… Everything for one night. Never had something like this before. Happy, zombie like managed to get through Monday. Magic? What is it? Who puts music in my head? I wish I could have some answers. Now I think my voice does sound horrible… Let’s see what Mr. I know everything will say. Sometimes I wanna create a channel and upload everything I have to Youtube. But of course, as usually I will be silent :)) Mr. E, thanks for making my day so special. I’m not angry at you anymore ;))))