Because ambulance guys can fe fun too :)

Hahah I never seen ambulance guys funnier than these ones !!  Well done and thanks for making my day :)))
Its good to have a sence of humor in any job, exspecially stressful like this 🙂


Thank you

D, I love you!! U are always there for me, thank you for everything u do for me!!! Your are my best friend, a friend for life who is always right! I still have that poster with 3 rules that you left for me and I am being a good girl and I follow them. I don’t even speak with rule 3 since January. U can be proud!

I believe that if people wants to stay in your life, they will. No matter what. Everything can be sorted.I miss you a lot!!! Thank you for staying !

I hope one day I will come to India, and I will be sunbathing when its 50 degrees outside!!! Gosh!! AND I NEED EXTRA SPICY FOOD! Here extra hot sauce=lemon and herb:( I’m thinking of getting peri peri  sauce delivery). Just have to explain a driver how to get to this country xD

Deep, one day we ll meet and we gonna burn the city! I’m ready for cosmo!!!<3