In love !

I’m in love with all Stephen King books and I guess I saw all the movies based on them. BUT I realized there are also new episodes of the famous 11.22.63 book coming this year.  I read this book 1000 times, but I’m still in love with the plot. The way everything is filmed is brilliant, of course James Franco adds his charm too that makes this episodes. I’m super excited of new series. I’m waiting for new episodes even more than I wait  for Santa to arrive.


4 thoughts on “In love !

  1. I was obsessed with King in my earlier years and thought maybe it was a fluke, but I have since come back to his writing and found that I am attracted to his writing on an entirely new level. So many good characters in such a prolific writer! He also has a great book peeling back the pages on his process. If you are an aspiring writer and King fan, I highly recommend this…

    Stephen Kind… On Writing: 10th Anniversary Edition: A Memoir of the Craft

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