No heroes, villains, one to blame while wilted roses filled the stage and the thrill, the thrill is gone…

Our debut was a masterpiece but in the end for you and me…

Oh the show, it can’t go on 😉


In love !

I’m in love with all Stephen King books and I guess I saw all the movies based on them. BUT I realized there are also new episodes of the famous 11.22.63 book coming this year.  I read this book 1000 times, but I’m still in love with the plot. The way everything is filmed is brilliant, of course James Franco adds his charm too that makes this episodes. I’m super excited of new series. I’m waiting for new episodes even more than I wait  for Santa to arrive.

life is unfair…

When you on a diet and trying to eat healthy and keep your abs, but  your flat is a minute walk from Mc Donalds and anytime you pass this place (at least 2 times per day) you imagine yourself eating a burger, Bic Mac, fries and amazing ice cream that tastes so good in your head and don’t forget about Cola. Cold and fizzy. Gosh. I want it.  I’m trying to concentrate my thoughts on something else, but I LOVE food more than anything (any food to be honest). I remind myself that my tight will grow even bigger but to be honest it doesn’t help. I still want it.

Life is even more unfair when you sitting in the office and your colleges brings cakes. NO. They actually place it near you so you can see this tasty cake all day long and amazing smell from cherries.

Sad thing is when I want something I get it 😦



Danza Kutudo

I love movies. They always chose best music to go with the right moment. I wished it could happen in real life.

I just hate and love in the same time when there is a nice song playing in a right moment in the movie. Hell. So, I experienced that myself. Danza Kutudo, people. It is really fun.

All I could say was “Really?”

Every story has ending. This is happy ending.

Happy Bithday

To a very talented, kind, interesting and amazing person!! I’m sorry to write it here, but we don’t speak. Maybe you are seing this post. I don’t know. Happy birthday I., be happy wherever u are! 

Can hapiness kill ya ?


I doubt so. Just competed my first gig on Fiver. Successful. So happy. Now I have got the whole truck of motivation AND I found definition on happiness. Happiness- is to do what you love. I also love the fact that winter is almost over.

I was desperate for red colour (I don’t fancy it that much usually). So, that was the first day of completing 30 Days digital challenge. So exited to see what is gonna happen on Day 30.

I really hope I’m not gonna end up in local newspapers because the photographers were attacking me. I tried my best to hide in other rooms. So, fingers crossed they will skip images with me.


Lost Girl


I have a strange relationships with that book. Everyone was obsessed with that. Even Amy. So, I decided I’ll give it a go. I remember, I bought it in the airport just to kill some time, I read 100 pages and felt asleep.  I tried to read it like 3-4 times and every time it didn’t work. The plot is a slow burn and I love being thrilled from the first pages.

So, some time ago I made myself to watch a movie. There must be something that everyone loves. So, whats the magic ? Half of the movie was boring, then it was more and more exciting.

I just love the was she planned everything. So clever. She knew every step her husband gonna take and how the audience would react. She left the clues and allowed him to find them.

And I love the way Nick was scared of her. She is a devil, but I love her a lot. Adorable. She wore this the mask of perfect wife for a long time, even she knew whats going on. Ah, if I only could borrow her self-control and patience.  The strange fact about masks is that the the more hideous the secrets, the more carefully the mask is constructed. But sooner or later every mask that people try on them is taken of  like a snake’s skin. The most terrific fact is that now Nick knows her true face, and he cant’ do anything about it but suffer. Sooner or later you have to pay for your mistakes. Sometimes price is too high.

I loved the ending. I’m gonna read it again. Definitely.