What saved me life?


We all have things that we can’t live without. I have fitness. I can’t imagine my life without it. It gave me something more than just a better body shape, it made me emotionally stronger and create a habit to reach my goals.

Last year was very difficult for me because I was struggling to write dissertation.Due to the fact that I have to spend 300+ hours on it, I used to write it every day. I used to spend 14 hours on my laptop and I felt emotionally tired.  To cheer myself out, I went to the gym and it did wonders to me. First of all, this is magic treatment from stress, it works even better than all the SPA days that I ever had. Secondly, you are more powerful and strong.

Working out isn’t easy and it never would. If it feels easy for you, all you need to do is to increase speed/ weight/ time etc. When I feel that I have reached my limit, this is where the second breath is taking place, especially when I do cardio. If I am out of power, I motivate myself with a little treat. By this I mean a trick to increase you time for 1 or 2 min. When the time is almost finished on your machine, increase your time again, but don’t do it like ” +10 minutes” because you will be very struggling and might not finish it.I usually do 1 min if I am too tired, and 2 min when I still have power. I came across this trick, where I couldn’t run more than 35 min on 7th speed. For me it works wonders, because after 1 min I think “I made it! I did better than last time”. At the end, I run 50 min without stop which was a good time for me.

Now, a year passed since I do workouts properly.By world “properly” I mean I exercise 3 times per week, my workout lasts 2 hours and my then I do stretching to avoid pain in the next day.

Now fitness  is part of my life, a healthy routine. Every time I go to the gym, I go with the particular goal. If it is my usual program, I tell myself I can increase weight to 5kg more or I will run an extra mile. It always helps me to perform better on every workout.  I hope this trick will work good for you too.


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