What if?

What if one day you realize that things you are doing doesn’t make you happy at all? You are very lucky if you never feel this way before. But what if u do feel that and you are scared? Well, there are only two ways: (carry on sitting on a confort zone which isn’t that bad sometimes)  or starting out everything from beginning and be prepared for unknown, scary things, words, places…you never know what you going to find unless you try.

I started everything again, from scratch, with zero knowledge, understanding and clue about what is going to happen next but I had motivation,motivation  to try and see what is gonna happen?

Things are not gonna be easy and straighforwards. Sometimes I feel I lost all the puzzle and there is only one piece left with strange shapes around it. I don’t give up. I search, look for them everywhere I can. now I found just two, they all look different and doesn’t make any sense. But I keep looking and soon I will find more.

I dont regret that I get rid of my comfort zone and start looking around! This is a long journey but I know I CAN make it !!! I know I can work harder than ever and my motivation doesnt have a limit!!!


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