Destiny and positivity

First of all, as you already noticed, i have created this blog quite recently and I am still thinking of the topic that i could write about. Well, I came up with the idea that it will be any topic as SOON AS IT IS POSSITIVE. Look at our lives, there are so many negative things happening every day, month, year.The fact is the more you think about negative things, the more they come and join you. I decided that in this blog there will be positive things only. I will keep all the negativity behind, because it is not worth to be talked about.

The other thing I have noticed for this week is that you can do anything you want to do, but destiny will show you the place you belong. I have been challenging it this month, but I realised that not many factors depends on you..i feel so strange, it seems we dont rule our live. Someone does it for us, it can be anyone, from friends till the potential employee who decided whether they want to take you or not. What do u think about that?


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