Me and Social Media

This is so interesting how people accept the information that we share online. One of my close friends decided to play a game with her other friend and asked me to put a status on Facebook as if we are moving to London. I did put it but forgot to hide it from my timeline.

Now I have been asked 15 times where I am gonna be and that people want to catch up with me. Well, I realised how powerful those posts can be. I knew people show off by putting posh pictures on their walls. Some people I know publish pictures like that, but in reality they work in the bars. Well, maybe I dont get something, what do u think?

But to be honest, the less information I share, the better I feel. Usually, I dont write any statuses or post any pictures, only my friends tag me sometimes. I dont like showing off what i have just because its my personal happiness and this is what and how I feel.At the end of the day, its not about what we drive, where we live and how much we spend. Its all about how great personality and how kind heart we have. For me luxury car is nothing more than thing to drive and the price determines how safe the car will be, the nice house is just a place to live with comfort without anyone to screen or shout. I am not judging anyone, I just giving my point of view.


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