how to get started in gym?

Many people prefer to do a small home workout, which is good. My aim was to work on my worst part of the body: my legs. My tights are massive and I am short, i knew they gonna stay like that forever (trust me, i tried to loose weight, now I am size 6 but still with massive tights). I accepted myself like this and just wanted to get some shape in them. YES, I WENT TO THE GYM. Home workout is good, but i need the whole atmosphere.

Of course, I have been gym before, usually it was just a lazy cardio. Then I dropped gym  and after one year I finally  decided to take things seriously. You know that situation, when you are skinny but dont have nice shape. So, I decided to skip cardio and do weights instead.

I was so embarrassed to go to this section. There were only guys who obviously know what they doing. From the side they dont look very friendly. In that time my confidence was -100.I was trying so hard, but realised that all the weights are already busy. I felt like everyone is looking at me, not only observing but actually judging. I made effort and finally got there. I was so naive, so I went to the free weights section and tried to squat with the 20 kg bar. HAHAHAHA seriously !!!I was trying so hard, but the bar was falling from one side to another one. I can imagine how funny it was to observe me from the side. I was blushing like hell. I could squat only 10 times.

So, next workout started with the Smith machine, where you get extra support. I started with the empty bar, then slowly increased the weights. After half of the year I was brave enough to try free weight again. Now I realised that I can squat with 40 kg. I was so surprised.

So, now I enjoy weights section, I dont feel embarrassed any more, I know what I am doing and how to do things in the right way. And you know what, guys look at me but i dont really care any more.


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