Voluntary work

I never did anything voluntary. I wanted to try and see how I will feel about it and whether this is what I am feeling comfortable about. Moreover, I am  trying to get out from my comfort zone and do things I never did before.

For example, I didn’t like communicating with people, and I was so locked inside myself. I wasn’t open for communication and most of my time I spend alone, trying to ignore as much people as I want. I did it because I wanted to know who I am and who I can be without people who would affect my behaviour. Voluntary work helped me to realize that I am important and my opinion and experience can be interesting to someone. Moreover, I realized that I shouldn’t hide my personality any more.

After you finish uni, people expect from you a lot: getting full time work based on your education and be fully responsible for your life. But in reality, it is very difficult. For example, now I have NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING. I felt very bad about it, but after talking to the people today I realized that its ok to be confused. We all been there or will be there soon. This is time where you will grow as a person and decide whether you keep pushing and going through this confusing stage of your life or whether you decided to gave up.

Working with different people I realized that everyone is looking, and everyone experiencing some sort of  difficulties on they way. I was so wrong before, because I was jealous for successful people, like “He has got everything he wanted, I got nothing”. Luckily, time come to realise that this attitude is so wrong and it will not help me in the future. All it will do is get down and kill myself with the negative thought and envy. I didn’t realize that I dont see the whole story of those people, I only see SUCCESS but i don’t know how many times this person fail to pieces and work hard to go through negativity and failure to the success. So, now I know that I shouldn’t judge people cz I dont know the whole story.

I would recommend voluntary work for everyone, not for years, but for one day. You will look at yourself from a different point and explore so many important things about yourself.


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