To go or not to go ?

Many people ask me about my experience in Uni. Well, I can’t say that “Everyone should go” or “Screw Uni”. It depends who you wanna be and what you gonna do. Moreover, a degree can’t guarantee you a job either. Many of my friends are still looking for a job, even couple of years has passed since they have graduated due to the high number of applicants.

I remember, I wanted to work in Topshop. It was such a crazy idea that I want Topshop and only Topshop, even its not about my degree. I went for the interview and realised that I am one of the 30 candidates. Just imagine that Topshop offers a minimum wage, so what about a job for £30.000 a year? Probably, there will be even more candidates.

What is my plan now? First of all, grow and become a better person than I was before.I have got many ideas that I have to develop this and next year. It will bring me tears, stress, depression, insomnia but I know that at the end it will be worthed. Now, I have some time off and I am preparing myself for a fight. For a long long battle with laziness and other troubles that will be on my way.


Of course, this question: What would I do if I go back to the time when I have just finished college? Now I would consider a carrier as a PT and by that time would go to the Cross Fit competition.


Things that I hate? I am literally sick of the word Rendering. Any time I see it on the screen, I am about to pass out.


3 thoughts on “To go or not to go ?

  1. That was really interesting what you said about the Media Production course hardly teaching you anything that you couldn’t learn yourself. And I think it’s cool that you managed to learn off Youtube!
    What does Rendering mean?
    I know this is a bit cheeky, but is there any chance you could give me a link to some of the videos you used to learn on Youtube? 🙂


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