Can’t stop creating

I can’t stop creating. I have so many ideas that I wanna try.

The process of finding yourself isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.And the end of the day, the only thing that matters is happiness that you did better than yesterday and tomorrow you will create even more creative content.

I see only one drawback from the creative profession-I can’t sleep because as soon as I close my eyes, I see new posters that needs to be created, new ideas flowing through…it all appears like a slide show, like “Hey, maybe you need to try this idea….”

I got so obsessed with those colors. Can’t stop using them.gorod.png



The new world

Sometimes I think of completely random object, but out of the blue, they are turning into one composition in my head and I have nothing to do expect putting them together. I guess I love making vectors more than anything in this world.intotheblue


Hell yea

I have no idea how long I haven’t been there. I thought I solved my life and it is going as needed. Hell yea…Even now I don’t know what I ‘m gonna write about. I have no idea who I can…and what to do with my life. It sound like it’s gonna be a post-disaster but…anyways…

If someone is still here with me in that moment, please let me know. I just wanna know someone is  alive on those pages.

Atm what can I say ? I can say that I’m lost as hell. I have no plan. I only  know that everything that I did before doesn’t satisfy me anymore. Anyhow. I’m at the middle of the nowhere to find myself again…

For those weekends I forgot about who I am, about whole world…everything. Created couple of birds. Now I again published my Gig, sounds fun, check it out.

If wordpress could express loudness..I would say that the sound reached from 0 to — 100 !I’m screaming:   HERE I’M


Why ILLUSTRATION ? This is the tool that help me overcome everything, my own escape, when I’m creating I’m feeling good, satisfied, relaxed and so inloved with that.

Maybe that’s the purpose of my life? I’m so so confused. Is anyone feeling something like this ?birdy

Inner piece

I have no idea how it’s called. Whatever. The most important thing to have it. To stay calm in any situation. I had so much trouble with self-control…like a volcano. You never know what’s gonna happen next. Although, I realized I just wanna stay calm. Tried a lot of things. Neither of them worked. Everything and everyone distracted me a lot. I tried to read Iyengar couple of times. Such an amazing book but it’s not gonna help you if you already stressed. The secret is to found inner piece by changing the way you looking at the situation. Sandra taught me to zoom out you problems. Well, they are important..for you ? But what about you town, country, world?  I guess its just family problems, endless relationship problems, troubles of work…I can carry on describing all the possible problems till this blog ends.

It’s important to have a cold mind. Sometimes, it’s good to shake up, lose control, scout, scream…but not all the time.  You don’t wanna be a volcano. It makes people feel uncomfortable around you. Sooner or later everyone is just tired.

I was tired of being a volcano. This state of mind just takes so much energy. I think I just don’t have any power for the emotions because of the killing workout anyway. I tried to experiment and went to the cardio section. It’s soooo boring…omg. I could only stay there for 15 min and went back to my usual weighting section which feels like home. I guess iI am obsessed with it. Hell knows. When I thought I can’t do anymore, I remembered people who I don’t like and did one more set. Such a motivation ! I guess I need to thank them for that.