Inner piece

I have no idea how it’s called. Whatever. The most important thing to have it. To stay calm in any situation. I had so much trouble with self-control…like a volcano. You never know what’s gonna happen next. Although, I realized I just wanna stay calm. Tried a lot of things. Neither of them worked. Everything and everyone distracted me a lot. I tried to read Iyengar couple of times. Such an amazing book but it’s not gonna help you if you already stressed. The secret is to found inner piece by changing the way you looking at the situation. Sandra taught me to zoom out you problems. Well, they are important..for you ? But what about you town, country, world?  I guess its just family problems, endless relationship problems, troubles of work…I can carry on describing all the possible problems till this blog ends.

It’s important to have a cold mind. Sometimes, it’s good to shake up, lose control, scout, scream…but not all the time.  You don’t wanna be a volcano. It makes people feel uncomfortable around you. Sooner or later everyone is just tired.

I was tired of being a volcano. This state of mind just takes so much energy. I think I just don’t have any power for the emotions because of the killing workout anyway. I tried to experiment and went to the cardio section. It’s soooo boring…omg. I could only stay there for 15 min and went back to my usual weighting section which feels like home. I guess iI am obsessed with it. Hell knows. When I thought I can’t do anymore, I remembered people who I don’t like and did one more set. Such a motivation ! I guess I need to thank them for that.


One more song

Omg, I wrote one more song, things start getting serious. Never know its gonna happen. In music school I coundn’t even write a music which my teacher played. Now I just sat down, took a piece of paper, wrote what I felt and here we go. Started with few choirds, then wrote a solo… Everything for one night. Never had something like this before. Happy, zombie like managed to get through Monday. Magic? What is it? Who puts music in my head? I wish I could have some answers. Now I think my voice does sound horrible… Let’s see what Mr. I know everything will say. Sometimes I wanna create a channel and upload everything I have to Youtube. But of course, as usually I will be silent :)) Mr. E, thanks for making my day so special. I’m not angry at you anymore ;))))

Thank you

D, I love you!! U are always there for me, thank you for everything u do for me!!! Your are my best friend, a friend for life who is always right! I still have that poster with 3 rules that you left for me and I am being a good girl and I follow them. I don’t even speak with rule 3 since January. U can be proud!

I believe that if people wants to stay in your life, they will. No matter what. Everything can be sorted.I miss you a lot!!! Thank you for staying !

I hope one day I will come to India, and I will be sunbathing when its 50 degrees outside!!! Gosh!! AND I NEED EXTRA SPICY FOOD! Here extra hot sauce=lemon and herb:( I’m thinking of getting peri peri  sauce delivery). Just have to explain a driver how to get to this country xD

Deep, one day we ll meet and we gonna burn the city! I’m ready for cosmo!!!<3

Bemobee :)

Gosh !! Tomorrow is my bemobee. Feeling sad and super excited. I just met the most amazing and wonderful friends in this country. This was the best experience in my life. 

I m gonna miss my fav nickname so much 😦 nobody will callme Bamby. Gosh, how sad it is? 😦

I think I am also a Youtube star because couple of weeks ago I did my little dance, thinking that I am all alone by myself but apparently, there are CCTVs. It can justify the strange looks of the security guys. There is nothing to look at, just a very happy little dance!!So yea, I am sure there might be some footage haha. Harlem Shake is nervously smoking in the dark corner of the room.

So, Graham is already waiting for its moment to come and shine tomorrow xD Let’s just all hope I’m not gonna drop in tomorrow somewhere. Because I’m just not good at carrying bottles. Not good at all.

I know I have been a bad and super busy girl and I wasn’t paying much attention to anybody, even my old, good WordPress. I am guilty 😦 Had to sort myself out. So, posts are coming. I just have to write about my killer workout.

Hell, there must be something serious going on because I curled my hair (i only do it when its super meaningful ocassion and I hate doing that) but tommorow and after tommor is a day xD friday (evening which out of the blue floats on saturday evening). Hmm….


Sincerely yours,

Youtube star

No heroes, villains, one to blame while wilted roses filled the stage and the thrill, the thrill is gone…

Our debut was a masterpiece but in the end for you and me…

Oh the show, it can’t go on 😉